Workday HCM Quick User Guide (QUG)

Workday is an on-demand human and financial management system software working on cloud-based technology. Workday offers a premium all-in-one package for medium-sized to large-sized companies, especially to those who have multiple branches and locations all across the globe. Workday works by collecting all the data related to the human and financial resources. It then uses that data for big analytics and workforce planning.

Features of Workday

Workday was developed with the idea of bringing the workforce together for more output productivity in an enterprise. It was a disruptive concept at the start but after a decade, they’re still delivering on this particular idea through the amazing functionalities and features of this software.

For instance, one of the best features of this application is its mobile-friendly interface. Managers can easily share information with the workforce anywhere and at any time. Employees and recruiters can share all the important information by one click so that its accessible to everyone.

Here are some other features of Workday that make it the best employee management solution

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Workday allows the managers and the users to manage the workforce of the enterprise. This feature organizes and manages the workforce more effectively. Other than that, it also includes employee productivity management and absence management.


Workday helps the recruiters to find the best external and internal candidates, to engage with them, to assess them and to share important information with them about the enterprise.

It manages the whole recruitment process with full collaboration from the hiring and recruitment team. The recruiters can have a quick know-how about the type of assessment and about the skills needed in the candidate to fill up specific vacancies in the organization.

Employee Development Management

Workday’s employee development management allows users to develop, manage and reward the team efficiently. This feature includes goal management, employee performance management, success, development and career planning of the employees.

Benefits of Workday

Workday provides various cloud-connect benefits to the organizations that meet their requirements and business needs. One such benefit is automatically collecting data for HRM so that the managers do not necessarily have to enter the employee data manually.


Payroll solution allows the users to make multiple pay calculations at a time. Managers can calculate salaries in a group or even individually. Moreover, this solution runs an audit and provides good flexion with the salary deductions and earnings. The team of human resource management won’t have to enter the employee data manually anymore.

Time Tracking

Workday time-tracking solution allows the employees to see what hours they’ve worked for. They can easily check their time in and time out, requiring no physical clocks. They just have to have a computer or a mobile device to see if they’ve worked their shift or not.

Implementing Workday Solutions

Once you’ve a vision that Workday is an ultimate employee and financial management software for your enterprise, the next step is to implement it. However, you will need a seamless IT implementation for effective results. For this, you will need expertise on how to implement the functionalities of workday on your organization’s management.

Our expert Workday consultants won’t only help you to implement it successfully in your organization but will also help you to determine if Workday is worth your investment or not.

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