Workday HCM Suite Update 33 Summary

This September, Workday has updated its cloud-based employee management solution for the 33rd time and it has only improved management scenes for the organizations and enterprises using it. We are aware of most of the updated by the Workday in its HCM suite but not all of them matter to enterprises using them for human capital management.

Here are some updates by Workday in its human capital management that are useful for the organizations.

Data Protection Improvements

Your employees’ data is most important to your organization. Before transacting the employee data to the tenant, you must scramble it for added security and data protection. Earlier, you had to collect the data manually, scramble it through Excel and then send it to the tenants so that it can be delivered without security breaches. This manual process was time-consuming and left you open to human errors.

With the new data scrambler 33 by Workday, you can easily input your employees’ data into the working tenant and scramble it by just one click. The manual process was tiring and took more than 4 hours to be completed. Whereas, you can scramble your workers’ data easily by just one click.

The system does it for you. You just have to prepare the data and input it to the tenant. You only have to click on the ‘scramble’ button and you’re done.

The new data scrambler by Workday does not only save your money and time but also scrambles the data according to the unions, shops and GDPR’s security measures and requirements.

The new data scrambler provides additional security to the important data and makes integration, testing and training easier.

Workday Assistant

The new Workday assistant makes the interaction more intuitive. By using the natural processing language, users can access useful information quickly by the conversational UX.

This update is perfect for the admins and the managers as the Workday assistant can provide the information that they need without having to look up for it. Moreover, it can also allow the managers to give important feedback to their workforce by the conversational UX tool.

The Workday assistant comes with no additional charges. But this update is only available to those having workday update 33 or to the fast followers. However, this update will be available generally in update 34.

Other Upgrades by Workday

Here are some other not-so-significant but useful upgrades by Workday. These updates have brought about the change in employee management, human capital management and financial management solutions offered by Workday.

Organization Restructure Improvements

As a whole, the mass actions and improvements in the organizational studio increase efficiency, add the feature of trackable changes, create approvals for audits and decrease manual errors which can cost a fortune.

Job Change Improvements

Streamlined conversational UX and report changing are two new upgrades by Workday in the HCM suite. Moreover, the auto-change update is also worth mentioning as it automatically completes some processes in certain fields related to external and internal candidates. This saves you a lot of time and decreases the likelihood of manual errors.

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